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Folding Easy Square Ruler

​Still one of our most popular products today, this tool makes squaring simple and easy! 

The unique design simply allows the ruler to fold in half at the 45 degree angle for storage.

The easy square is perfect for creating squares from 1" inch to 24" inches (or 1" to 16" for

the 16" Folding Square model). It takes no effort and your design is completed in minutes.

The Easy Square ruler is also used for squaring borders and finishing quilts.

By placing the folding ruler at the corner, border lines are visible through the ruler and

1/4" seam allowance lines are present. 

Mitered corners can be completed with ease, just hold one arm of the ruler firmly

against one of the quilting edge and fold the other arm over to create a 45 degree angle.

"This tool is guaranteed to make life, and squares, much less stressful!" Gayle, Daytona, FL

"I constantly reach for this ruler. Mitering has always been a hassle for me but I feel

more confident when I use this." - Anne, Detroit, MI

Suction Lift-Ring

​​Awesome tool - the Suction Lift Rings were designed by our sewing and quilting teachers over 30 years ago to help you stabilize the ruler when using a rotary cutter, and keeps your fingers away from the blade.

They will work on any acrylic ruler and do not require water to stick. 

Helps those with joint problems and allows the user to pick up the ruler without disturbing the fabric underneath. 

Comes in multiple colors. Great gift for your guild member friends and beginner quilter's.

Suction Lift Ring

​​​Dual Rotary Cutter

Cutting a perfectly measured strip of fabric has never been easier with the Beba's Dual Rotary Cutter.Use the built in ruler to adjust to the exact size desired, seam allowance included between 1" and 6", lock in place and cut-accurate strips each time!

Convert your dual cutter into a single cutter with the included part.
Uses a standard 28 mm blade. Included.

Perfect for:

Log Cabin Designs

Bias Strips

Use with Templates for fun shapes like circles, wedding rings, & more!

2 Sizes Available
Dual Rotary Cutter

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