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Quilters and hobbyists around the world choose our cutting mats for their fine quality and superior design time and time again. We use a patented plastic compound that is the result of years of research and customer feedback. Purchasing a cutting mat can be a big decision and we've outlined the key features of ours that set us apart from the rest. 

  • Our cutting mats are made with LDP (low density polyethylene), an odorless, eco-friendly, non-toxic material that is thin and flexible. Our cutting mats provide the best surface for cutting with rotary blades. The material's soft texture is gentle on blades which means less wear and tear.

  • The material is also perfect for using push pins to keep your fabric in place while cutting it! No more slippage and bunching of fabric.

  • Lifetime Guarantee of no warping or cracking, you will enjoy years of quilting and crafts. 

  • Our mats provide 1" grids and 45/60° angles in an easy to read red or dark purple color to reduce eye strain.

  • The cutting board is translucent for easy pattern tracing.

  • Iron Safe! Using an iron is safe on our cutting mats. Just place an ironing pad on the surface.

​Measure your work area's length and width to the nearest inch. Then search our online shop, where we offer several standard sizes to choose from. We also offer custom cut mats by request at no additional charge. Print Large printed numbers in an easy to read color is necessary to ensure accurate cuts.    

Available sizes: 9" x 12" 10" x 10" 14" x 14"  18" x 24"  24" x 36"

                    28" x 40" ​36" x 59"  40" x 72"  48" x 96"  21" x 10'  21" x 12'

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Our company began in 1979 manufacturing the famous Salem Rule. We have evolved today to a wide variety of products used by sewers and quilters worldwide. From rulers, mats, lazy susan's, sewing and craft furniture, and more you are sure to find the right tools or furniture for you. 


Our Products

Folding Square Ruler

Still one of our most popular products today, this tool makes squaring simple and easy. The unique design simply allows the ruler to fold in half at the 45 degree angle for storage. The easy square is perfect for creating squares from 1" inch to 16" or 24" inches or any other size in between. It takes no effort and the design is completed in minutes. The Easy Square ruler is also used for squaring borders and finishing quilts. By placing the folding ruler at the corner, border lines are visible through the ruler and 1/4" seam allowance lines are present. 

Mitered corners are done with ease, just hold one arm of the ruler firmly against one of the quilting edge and fold the other arm over to create a 45 degree angle. Comes in a 16" or 24" design.

"This tool is guaranteed to make life, and squares, much less stressful!"


Lazy Susan Turntables

A cutting mat sits atop a stable turntable base, providing a rotating, table-top solution for cutting fabric. It is a great tool for paper piecing, trimming, and scrapbooking. Just rotate to complete projects without disturbing the fabric or template position. The stainless steel ball bearings allows the turntable to rotate with ease and rubber bumpers are attached below to stop the turntable system when light pressure is applied.

Well designed, sturdy and available in three sizes:
10" x 10" , 14" x 14" or 18" x 24".
*Replacement cutting boards are available.