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Quilters, sewers & hobbyists around the world choose our cutting mats for their high quality and superior design time and time again. We use a patented plastic compound that is the result of years of research and customer feedback. Purchasing a cutting mat can be a big decision so we've outlined the key features of ours that set us apart from the rest. 

Our cutting mats are made with LDP (low density polyethylene), an odorless, eco-friendly, non-toxic material that is thin and
flexible. Our cutting mats provide the best surface for cutting with rotary blades. The material's soft texture is gentle on blades which means less wear and tear. Use push pins to keep your fabric in place while cutting it! No more slippage and bunching of fabric.

Lifetime Guarantee of no warping on Beba's Cutting Boards, you will enjoy years of cutting! 

Our mats provide 1" grids and 45/60° angles in an easy to read red or dark purple color to reduce eye strain.

The cutting board is translucent for easy pattern tracing.

Iron Safe! Using an iron is safe on our cutting mats. Just place an ironing pad made of Teflon material on the surface.

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Cutting Boards

​Guaranteed not to warp! Non-toxic and odorless. Use with rotary blades for precise fabric cutting. Soft, flexible surface will not dull the blade so you can cut with ease. Markings are clear and dark, screen printed for accuracy.

Made in the USA since 1985